133 Cranberry Way-- Lark Returns with a Surprise

Lark had to take an extended vacation with Twanda Bell to take her newly trained pets (Blackey the Spider and friends) to their new homes.  She even took her furniture with her so she could set them up while she was on vacation.  She was gone for a few days and we sure missed her a lot.  We checked her house everyday to see if she'd returned or forgotten any of her spider friends and just when we thought she wasn't going to come back Vivian returned home from school to a giant surprise.


She could hardly wait for the garage door to open so she could run out and inspect the new addition to Lark's House.  Right next to the wishing well a beautiful blue flower that dances in the wind had sprung up.  The girls ran to inspect it and saw that it was covered in "Never Crystals" from Fairy Land.  After quite a discussion on how it came to be there, they decided that Lark must have planted a wish from the wishing well and it grew into a beautiful enchanted flower. 

What I've come to learn about fairy magic, is that it is an amazing teacher.  As the "grown-up" watching this unfold for my little girls, it's hard to see them sad when something happens like Lark's pets leaving.  While I know that they loved them, it just wasn't safe for them to stay (what kid loves spiders anyway, ick)! As I was thinking about Vivian and the spiders, I couldn't help to think about the situations in my life that were the same. Maybe there are things that I'm sad over, that if I just knew a little more information it would make more sense.  Maybe there are things that I want to be different, but it just isn't the right thing for now.  While I may not always understand the reason, maybe if I can step back and plant a wish, something miraculous can grow out of it. I'm grateful for the magical flower that joined our home today, what an awesome symbol of hope growing after a loss.  So thank you to all the fairies that have provided the magic in my home that continually teach me about gratitude, miracles and allowing space for magic to happen.


133 Cranberry Way - Farewell to Larks Pets

Now that Lark is a permanent resident in our neighborhood we have seen an increase in creature sightings.  Vivian is convinced that Lark has been sharing her fairy talents with her and she is now an animal whisper too.  She has had a wasp land on her hand and not sting her, grasshoppers have happily let her hold them and we even found two giant caterpillars this morning.  We are so lucky to have an animal talent fairy nearby to help tame the savage insect world that seems to be invading our home.  Who knew we would learn to love all the creepy crawlies that used to make the girls shriek? 

Unfortunately one of Larks favorite pets recently has been spiders and just like Vivian, she wants all the creatures she finds to come home and live with her.  Larks house was starting to get full of spider lace and while Vivian thought it looked beautiful, we thought it best to clean it out so that Lark could get up are stairs without getting caught in the webs.


We discovered that Lark had more than one spider pet living with her and they were super shiny black ones with pretty red hourglasses on their stomachs. We had a lengthy discussion about how Lark was able to work with creatures that aren't safe for little girls and if we see spiders with red on them to leave them alone and not try to pet them, even if they are pets of our favorite fairy and she shares her animal talents with us.


Luckily while Vivian was at school today, Lark finished training her spiders and sent them to live in new homes.  I'm crossing my fingers that the next animal she trains has a few less legs.

921 Cranberry Court: Home Away From Home

Our family went on a camping adventure last week!  The girls asked if they could invite Snowflake to come along and when I agreed they wrote her a note and left it in her mailbox.  Snowflake didn't give us an answer before it was time to leave, but when we arrived at our campsite one of our friends got to work making Snowflake a "tent" of her own...just in case.

Over the next few days, details were added: flowers, pinecones, a firepit. All the kids in our camp enjoyed checking on Snowflake's tent throughout the day.  The last morning of our trip we found this note next to the tent.  It looks like Snowflake enjoyed her first camping trip with us!  I wonder if she'll be up for Disneyland...


415 Rebelberry Way - A New Fairy Has Arrived!

A house has come for those magical things

those with feet and those with wings!

Those with feet have come from afar

to visit this house where the fairies are!

There's even been visitors with furry feet

keeping watch over this beautiful house where friends meet!

Come take a peek through the window at dusk or dawn

the light shines just right and sparkles on the lawn!

The joy has been felt and memories it brings

a house has come for those magical things!

133 Cranberry Way -- A New Fairy has Landed

Such exciting news!  We have a new fairy in our neighborhood!  We returned at dusk from a get together with friends and to our amazement there was a new fairy house where the sign used to be! Vivian could not contain her excitement as she ran out to look inside.  Violette had fallen asleep in the car but in the morning Vivian was more than happy to take her out to look inside their newest neighbors house.


 It is A beautiful two story home with a staircase the circles up to the bedroom.  Cute little lanterns glowed in the night on the cupboards.  It has a little pantry and a table and chairs with a cute little book. We can't wait to find out what talent the new fairy has and her name!

921 Cranberry Way: Fizzles the Poem Gnome


As we were leaving to run errands yesterday morning we an exciting discovery!  This little guy and his mode of transportation were parked right in front of Snowflake's house!  Naturally we wondered where he came from so the girls checked the mailbox and found this note.  They promptly wrote him a note back saying he is more than welcome to stay for as long as he wants and they believe he will make a perfect grounds keeper.

You Can Change the World

Have you ever wondered how you can change the world? Most of us want to make a difference but the world is a big place and human beings are complicated. How can I expect to make a difference on a global scale if I can barely get my boys to mow the lawn?

For those of us who want to make a difference, it's natural to think big. But what if the smallest acts bring about the biggest changes?

921 Cranberry Court: So Many Questions

The fairy excitement around here grows a little stronger everyday. After visiting Gardner Village to see other fairy dwellings the girls have started to wonder who Snowflake might know or be friends with. They have even checked out fairy books from the library. When our fairy house appeared the girls had questions and the list gets bigger as the weeks go by. So today we thought it would be great to put together a little book of questions with room for Snowflake's answers. The girls want to know things like whether or not Snowflake knows Tinkerbell, Zarina and/or Periwinkle. They are most excited to find out what day Snowflake's birthday is!

133 Cranberry Way- If You Make A Space....

Vivian is convinced that Twanda Bell needs to invite more friends to live in our neighborhood and she is going to do everything she can to make it happen.  She started with a note to Twanda telling her what fairies she still needed to live nearby.

Pouring over the fairy encyclopedia during breakfast while writing notes to Twanda "do you have fairy friends, can you get your friends to live at my house? I need a Tinker, a Water, a light and an Animal Fairy."

Pouring over the fairy encyclopedia during breakfast while writing notes to Twanda "do you have fairy friends, can you get your friends to live at my house? I need a Tinker, a Water, a light and an Animal Fairy."

Next, She begged to go to the fairy house workshop to see the new homes being built and ask Miss Robyn if there were any fairies looking to relocate to our neighborhood.  

She then decided that if we really wanted to have another fairy move in, we were going to need to put in a little work and make some space for her. I think I heard "If you make a space, the fairy will come"  more than a hundred times.  So we set to work on the  gravel patch out front.  We needed to make the perfect place for a new fairy to live and it needed to look "more inviting". We called the local blue stakes to make sure any fairy house excavation would be safe and after they made some pretty orange marks, we were ready to clear out the gravel.


We built the dirt into a little pile with a flat space on top for a house and crossed our fingers that a new fairy would think it was the perfect place to call home. The next day we were surprised to find a new sign had magically appeared. Maybe she's right.  If you make a space, magic does happen.