415 Rebelberry Way - A New Fairy Has Arrived!

A house has come for those magical things

those with feet and those with wings!

Those with feet have come from afar

to visit this house where the fairies are!

There's even been visitors with furry feet

keeping watch over this beautiful house where friends meet!

Come take a peek through the window at dusk or dawn

the light shines just right and sparkles on the lawn!

The joy has been felt and memories it brings

a house has come for those magical things!

How to Change the World

Have you ever wanted to make a difference?  Spend 10 minutes watching the news and it's likely that you'll be left feeling depressed, overwhelmed, and  wondering if it's even possible for one person to change the world.

The good news is that it is absolutely possible to change the world. Watch the video to find out how.