249 Cranberry Lane- SURPRISE Alice!!!

So Alice has had a pathway for quite some time now but every few days the rocks kept coming out and getting miss placed. So my kids and I decided to surprise Alice with a new, more sturdy pathway!! We had so much fun doing this for her! And what was even better was the letter we got from her! We learned once again that when you serve others it brings YOU so much LIGHT & JOY! What can you do for someone else this week??

249 Cranberry Lane- Meet Alice's new Janitor!

I dont know if any other Fairy's have aquired themselves a janitor but ALICE sure has! Everyday this sweet girl checks on the inside to make sure its all clean and that everything is in place and then sweeps the stairs! She even makes sure the fire pit is in its place and makes adjustments to the benches. I think I might ask her to come into my house and help me out a little! Lucky Alice!