133 Cranberry Way - Farewell to Larks Pets

Now that Lark is a permanent resident in our neighborhood we have seen an increase in creature sightings.  Vivian is convinced that Lark has been sharing her fairy talents with her and she is now an animal whisper too.  She has had a wasp land on her hand and not sting her, grasshoppers have happily let her hold them and we even found two giant caterpillars this morning.  We are so lucky to have an animal talent fairy nearby to help tame the savage insect world that seems to be invading our home.  Who knew we would learn to love all the creepy crawlies that used to make the girls shriek? 

Unfortunately one of Larks favorite pets recently has been spiders and just like Vivian, she wants all the creatures she finds to come home and live with her.  Larks house was starting to get full of spider lace and while Vivian thought it looked beautiful, we thought it best to clean it out so that Lark could get up are stairs without getting caught in the webs.


We discovered that Lark had more than one spider pet living with her and they were super shiny black ones with pretty red hourglasses on their stomachs. We had a lengthy discussion about how Lark was able to work with creatures that aren't safe for little girls and if we see spiders with red on them to leave them alone and not try to pet them, even if they are pets of our favorite fairy and she shares her animal talents with us.


Luckily while Vivian was at school today, Lark finished training her spiders and sent them to live in new homes.  I'm crossing my fingers that the next animal she trains has a few less legs.