921 Cranberry Court: A Spring Surprise

On our way out the door for church Sunday morning we discovered quite a surprise in our front yard! A beautiful two story fairy house!  It is truly an amazing sight and has caused quite the stir in our cul-de-sac.  When you open the purple front door and peek inside you can see chairs and a table set for teatime.  Around the right side of the house there is a window you can peer into and see a fairy’s cozy little bedroom.  After my three year old son had explored both rooms of the house he wrapped his little arms around the house and exclaimed (in his three year old speech), “I jist yuv dis yiddow house!”  The kids are all very curious as to how this little home came to be in our yard and whose home it might be.  My five year old daughter has concluded that this fairy house belongs to her invisible fairy, Snowflake, who was given to her by a friend many months ago. We are excited to leave a letter in the tiny mailbox to find out if it is indeed Snowflake!