Donations & Contributions

I believe that our past experiences, both good and bad, play an important role in the type of person that we can become. Our past doesn't have to dictate our future. Even difficult experiences can become bittersweet and treasured memories when we choose to let those experiences refine us rather than define us.

Most of the materials that I work with have been discarded by someone. Why? Because I believe that that there is great value in the past. These materials still have a story to tell and while some see garbage, I see potential. I believe that there is purpose, wisdom, and life in the broken and discarded.

My goal is to bring the magic of Firefly Forest to environments that need them the most. If you agree and want to help provide support (time, talents, business services, financial) contact me and find out how to make a donation to Firefly Forest.

What kinds of things can be donated?


Buttons, thimbles, pieces of stained glass, fabrics, wood, hollow trees, iron frames, spare parts, charms, anything tiny, 50 acres of real estate jam packed with hollow trees, baby bunnies, and fireflies (What? A girl can dream.), ornaments, doll house furniture, old clocks, tin boxes, shells, old tea pots, gourds, costume jewlery, real jewlery (yep, still dreaming), rulers, rocks, etc., etc., etc.

If you have items that you want it to live on, I can find a way to integrate your treasures into a new a magical space.