All Firefly Forest Doors are meticulously crafted and hand-carved by Robyn, the original artist and Gnomist. While each door is patterned after the Firefly Forest original, they possess distinctly unique qualities,
thus no two doors are exactly alike.

Robyn is the creative force behind the mystery of Firefly Forest. In the Spring of 2013 she began the project as part of her personal journey towards hope and healing. A self taught carpenter, and with the help of her young sons, she conceived, carved and then secretly placed each door along a well-traveled and picturesque trail in the heart of America. Working together, their anonymous efforts strengthened the bond of love, sharing, and unity that was such an important role in their lives. However, none of them could have anticipated the impact Robyn’s work would have on the lives of so many others.

From the beginning of Firefly Forest, members of the community became followers and, as each piece of the collection was added, the group of followers grew. Families came together to marvel at the wonder and meaning of each work of art; those who had been strangers developed a different sense of community as they gathered to admire the workmanship. Everyone wondered who might be behind it all and an entire was community was brought together by the magical appeal of child-like imagination. But, most profound was what people found in their quiet moments in Firefly Forest—the peace, joy, hope and relief they so needed.

Robyn and her amazing sons now reside in Utah where Robyn is finishing a degree, loving and teaching her children the things that matter in life, and dreaming of living in the forest. Her work has recently been featured in the award-winning documentary,
The Gnomistand at long last her identity as the Firefly Forest artist has been revealed. To celebrate this, limited quantities of hand-made reproductions of a selection of Robyn’s Firefly Forest collection will be made available to the public.

Please contact Robyn for information about workshops and speaking engagements.

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