Cranberry Faires

249 Cranberry Lane- SURPRISE Alice!!!

So Alice has had a pathway for quite some time now but every few days the rocks kept coming out and getting miss placed. So my kids and I decided to surprise Alice with a new, more sturdy pathway!! We had so much fun doing this for her! And what was even better was the letter we got from her! We learned once again that when you serve others it brings YOU so much LIGHT & JOY! What can you do for someone else this week??

343 Rebelberry Lane - Painting Day!

A few days ago we received a little, tiny note in our mailbox. It was from the fairies! It said they "LOVE their new home but want to do some painting. And although they are quite strong, it would be very helpful if we would take all the furniture out for them".

Of course we did and could not wait to see what these sweet fairies came up with. Here is their newly painted home and a helper putting the furniture back in for them. It's ADORABLE! I want these floors and wall color in my house!

The Cranberry Fairies Are Here!

South of the mountain where strange winds blow and west of the cluster of glass buildings that glow. There's a quiet street near Gratitudes Tip where cranberries are grown but cannot be sipped. 

The first of the fairies arrived late last night. Bringing light, love, and magic to neighbors delight. Remember that fairies can be timid and shy. So be kind when you visit, keep a watchful eye. This tiny home is filled with magical things and maybe, just maybe you'll catch a glimpse of her sparkling wings.