Hop City - Twanda Returns

Vivian religiously checked the fairy house each day anxiously awaiting her response from Twanda. She finally returned and left a note.  This was her reply:

Hello Vivian,
An animal fairy! I love animal fairies. I should tell you about all of the amazing animals I get to meet on my adventures.  Sometimes I wish that I was an animal fairy because you guys have all the fun!
I'm so sorry that I didn't write back sooner - I was at the Grand Canyon! Have you ever been there? It is so beautiful? There are tons of lizards. Do you like lizards?  
How do you know Tinker Bell? She is my second cousin! I think we are going to have a reunion this year and so I get to see me whole fairy family! Do you ever have reunions?
Thank you for dinner! That was so amazing! 
I'm going to see if I can get more fairies to come and live at our address. It's so pretty here and you guys are so nice. I'm still working on finding a drawing fairy for a picture of me.  But I can tell you that I have blue hair and lavender eyes.  What color are your eyes and hair?

Vivian couldn't wait to respond and immediately wrote a reply...

Tinker Bell is on TV and in books. My eyes are blue, my hair is brown. I love lizards. I can teach you to be an animal fairy. I go on reunions. 
Do you know Silvermist and Irridessa and Fawn and Rosetta and Vidia and Periwinkle and Lizzy?
PS I saw a fairy last night