Hop City - Fairy Sighting

While anxiously awaiting the return of Twanda, Vivian and I decided to go and visit the other fairy houses in the neighborhood.  We were at 249 Cranberry Way talking to Jenny and admiring the cute landscaping that surrounded her fairy house.  The summer sun was starting to set and the light was falling in a warm glow around us.  Their was a touch of magic in the air as we watched the girls explore the house and chatter about its inhabitant.

I love to hear them talk about the fairies, musing about where they are and what they are doing. I was secretly eavesdropping on them when out of the corner of my eye I saw a blur of movement near some tall purple flowers.  Vivian jumped up and shouted "Did you see that?"

"Yeah, I did, it must have been a hummingbird or something" I replied.

"No Mom! It was a fairy! I saw it! It was beautiful.  It was golden and sparkly with glowing wings." She answered.

My skepticism kicked in and I asked, "Are you sure it wasn't a bird, or a flying insect.  I'm pretty sure it couldn't have been a fairy."

"NO MOM!" She emphatically replied.  "It must have been a fast flying fairy. I didn't see her very well because she was going so fast, but I did see her wings and her pixie dust sparkling.  I know it was a fairy! I can't believe it, I saw a real fairy! I am so lucky!"  We returned home, Vivian skipping beside me, marveling at her incredible luck in seeing a real fairy.  

While I put her to bed I couldn't help but think about her innocence.  If ever there was a girl who believed in fairies it is her.  I normally see life through the dark lens of adult skepticism but she opens my vision to a whole new world with her innocent magical beliefs.  I can say one thing for sure, while I'm not 100% sure fairies exist. I do know beyond a shadow of a doubt that their magic does.  It lives in my house and blesses our world with its beauty, excitement and joy; for that I am grateful.