Hop City: The Conversation Continues

The sun just barely starts peaking in our bedroom windows when you hear rustling coming from the girls bedrooms.  Not soon after I can hear little footsteps racing down the hall and across the tile floor of my kitchen.  Next, the swoosh of the sliding door being opened (and sometimes a girl pushing and whining about who gets to go out the door first).  I hear their steps padding down the deck stairs.  Then I wait.... listening....

Some days there is just a quite closing of the sliding door and two sad little girls come slowly back and climb in bed with me to cuddle.  "Twanda must be out on an adventure," they say with pouting faces. But that wasn't today..

Today they ran in squealing. There was happy dancing and racing around our house in circles.  As they ran through the kitchen, dining room, front room and back through the kitchen  again I saw Vivian waving the curled pink note.  Violette was  trailing behind her, not entirely sure why they were so excited but happy just to be part of the action.

"Twanda wrote back!" she sang over and over while she skipped around me. She then rummaged through our kitchen drawer and sat down at the kitchen table. While Vivian was eagerly drafting her response on any scrap piece of paper she could find I read Twanda's letter.

Hello Vivian,
Oh yeah! I always forget that Tinker Bell is kind of famous in the human world.  I'm going to see if she can come to visit this summer and see my new house. Maybe I'll see if she can bring something for you.
I don't know all those other fairies very well. I'm not related to them but they seem really nice.  Except Vidia - she's kinda mean. I think she must be sad about something.  That's always what happens when fairies are mean.
Tell me more about you!  What else do you like to do?  Do you go to school? Do you like it? What's your favorite ice cream? (I Love salted caramel fudge and funfetti)
I'm going on another adventure for the next few days to a place called Arizona.  They say it is really hot and they have lots of cactus.  I can't wait to go on a new adventure.
Do you like adventure?  Where do you and your family like to go?
Love, Twanda


Before she ran back out to place her response in Twanda's house I took a few pictures of her replies. She said:

(I like) going on adventures.  I go to school. Bear Batter with funfetti (her favorite ice cream) on hikes (things she likes to do)
you are so so so awesome
Do you have any fairy friends? Can you get your friends to live at my house? I need a tinker, a water, a light, an animal, a garden, a wind, a winter (all types of fairies)

If it were up to Vivian, our entire yard would be filled with homes for new fairy friends.  Seeing how much magic and joy it brings to my sweet girls, I would be happy to welcome them here too!