Hop City - Twanda Bell - The Adventure Begins

"She's here! She's here! SHE'S HERE!!!  She took my notes AND she left me this note!"  Vivian squeeled as she jumped up from looking inside the fairy house.  She was waving a tiny piece of rolled pink paper.  


She unrolled the note and started to read:

Hello Vivian!
Oh my gosh! I am SO excited to finally meet you! News went out on the fairy net that a new house was coming and I have been dying to move in!  This is SO great!
My name is Twanda Bell and I am an adventure fairy! That means that I get to go all over the world and see such amazing places.  I just got back from a month long excursion to Thailand! (you should totally look it up-it's so pretty!)  I will always tell you where I go so you can look up pretty pictures.  So exciting!
Anyway- I love love love the new house and I can't wait to move all my new stuff in and get to know you better.  Do you have brothers and sisters?  What is your favorite thing to do? What is your fairy talent? By the way (BTW)- I love your wishes.  Together you and I are going to make them all come true.  This is SO great!  So excited to be living here!
P.S. I am not very good at drawing but maybe I'll ask one of my drawing fairy friends to help out with a picture of me- so awesome!


Vivian quickly responded in a note of her own.


So it seems we have an Adventure Fairy moving in.  So excited to share in her adventures, wonder where she'll tell us about next.  In the meantime we are off to google pictures of Thailand.