921 Cranberry Lane: The Pinwheel Project

When you are coming down the street and see our fairy house you'll immediately notice a beautiful front door.  Our visitors will bend down, open the door and find two tiny chairs and table set for tea.  As if that wasn't cool enough in and of itself, there is a window around the right side of the house with another room!  I always make sure to point that out when people stop by.  This view right here has been my favorite lately, especially with the whimsical allium growing.  


But, the spring flowers are fading and we have been thinking about what to put in their place (and involve our friends in the neighborhood as well!).  So we are excited to announce The Pinwheel Project!  The Pinwheel Project is simple.  

1.  Perform an act of service.

2. Write a note to our fairy Snowflake telling her all about what you did for someone else.

3.  Leave your note in Snowflake's mailbox and Snowflake will leave a treat for you.

4.  Let us know that you have left the note and we will give you a pinwheel to stick in the ground around Snowflake's home.  Let's fill up this fairy garden bed with colorful pinwheels!   

Our first note drop-off day will be Thursday June 1st.  So start doing good deeds and we will see you then!