Hop City- Creating a Space

When you want to attract a fairy, you first need to create a space.  It takes more than just a pile of dirt and a wish  (although both those things are helpful).   Hop City, the perfect place for a new fairy to call home, was built thoughtfully by a creative six year old.  

It comes complete with a welcoming committee...

the "Pronouncer"- A place for fairy's to come for announcements and important fairy bulletins...

an outdoor eating area, near a pool with blue sand beaches


and last, but definitely not least, a fairy home.  Crafted with all the love, colors and sparkle a little girl could pour into it.

As I watched my daughter create a space for the fairy, she chattered happily about what kind of fairy would come and what she hoped would happen, I was struck by her faith.  She KNEW that if she created this space a fairy would move in, there was no doubt.  I on the other hand was entertaining all the negative things that could happen if a fairy didn't arrive on time, or it wasn't the one she hoped for; all the what if's that could pop up and ruin the magic.  

The more I've thought about it the more I have learned from her simple faith.  Maybe life isn't as complicated as I always try to make it.   Maybe just creating a space with the belief that it will be filled is enough to bring the magic that fills it.  Peter Pan may have had it right after all...  "All you need is faith and trust, and just a little pixie dust."