Hop City - Letters to a Fairy

A handful of pixie dust and a heart full of wishes welcomed our fairy to Hop City.  To make sure the fairy knew she was loved and welcomed, Vivian made her a special card and placed it in her home.  

Notes to the fairy 

left in her house, along with a few trinkets she might like

She may have been confused as to whether it was a fairy moving in or her Fairy Godmother so she also included a list of wishes she hoped her fairy would help her with. The following is a slightly clarified version of her letter.

Vivian's Wishes for Fairy - Please make these wishes come true
Vivian's Wishes -
I wish to have nice and friendly cheetahs
To be your friend
To make my family happy
To have Storm animal (a magical wolf in a book series she is reading who turns into a puppy to stay safe)
To see Fairies
Love me

Vivian, the little animal lover is really hoping to have an animal talent fairy move in.  Here's hoping the fairy arrives soon and we can discover what kind of fairy she is. I'm hoping she waits on granting the cheetah wish.  We have a few too many pets as it is...