921 Cranberry Court: Come One, Come All!


The arrival of our fairy house has enticed quite a few visitors over the past week!  Girls and boys, young and old.  It makes us happy to see other people peeking through the door and window, enjoying it as much as we do.  The night after the house arrived my daughters wrote letters and left them in the little mailbox.  They found a paper snowflake in the mailbox the next morning!  Our suspicions have been confirmed that Snowflake the fairy is taking up residence here.  At least, we believe she sleeps here.  We haven't actually laid eyes on her so we are pretty sure she is busy during the day.  Other families have come to leave notes for Snowflake as well.  Assuming (because of her name) that Snowflake is a winter fairy, we think this has become her summer cottage.  Unfortunately she will have had quite a shock as we seem to have gone from the sunny, warm weather of last week to this:

Luckily we were able to get out and do a bit of fairy landscaping with some shells we had on hand before the weather took a turn!  And we are crossing our fingers the cold and downright crazy weather hasn't scared Snowflake away!