My tools!

Diamonds aint got nothin' on these little gems!

Dewalt 9" Angle Grinder with (look closer) a Lancelot blade. 
Yep, that is a chainsaw on the end of a grider and I am genuinely delighted every time I pick this baby up. 

The Dremel® Multi-Max™ Oscillating Tool
This is an amazing tool! I admit that I did not own one until troubleshooting the logistics of working with hollow logs. It has become one of my favorites. It's super versitile and I highly recomend it for every tool lover.

STIHL MS 180 C Chinsaw

I've had to face certain realities while working with chainsaws. The fact is,  I am not a 6 foot 4 inch, 220 pound lumberjack. There, I said it. I have certain physical limitations that must be considered if I would like to avoid being dismembered.

This powerhouse is perfectly suited for my size and has more than enough power. But beware, this is one of those things that changes you forever. Once you have used a STIHL, there is no going back.