The Perfect Pairing

Perfect pairings are obviously subjective. Generally, they refer to culinary topics and are described as two flavors that, when combined, create a totally different and extraordinary sensory experience. 

For some, it's peanut butter & jelly or cookies & milk. I'm partial to rosemary & lemon or salt & caramel. At our house, perfect pairings venture beyond the palate.

For us, Halloween & weapons are considered to be a universal and perfect pairing. 

Full disclosure: As a young mother, I was certain that I wouldn't be "that kind of mom". You know the one. The mom whose heathenesque male offspring roam the neighborhood attacking small animals, terrorizing children, and end up in jail . . . or the armed forces. 

Nope. I was going to teach my boys a kinder, more gentle way of living. Together we would create a world that was devoid of "alpha's", blunt instruments, and thoughtless expression. Yes, in my world, conflict would be resolved through balanced conversation and mutual respect.  

Two boys and nearly 18 years later reveal a slightly adjusted viewpoint: a virtual arsenal of toy weapons amassed, collected, and hoarded over the years (don't judge me).  

And while I'm no "gun nut" or "weapons enthusiast", I must confess that I have come to look forward to Halloween because I know that I will receive at least one request to build or create a weapon as part of their latest costume. For me and my boys, this has been a consistent way to connect and create unique memories that have strengthened our relationships long term.